1. Basic biology(UTokyo, English)On going
  2. Analytical Chemistry I(UTokyo)
  3. Analytical Chemistry II(UTokyo)On going
  4. Analytical Chemistry III(UTokyo)
  5. Fundamental Technology in Biodevices(UTokyo, English)On going
  6. Overview of Biodevices(UTokyo, English)On going
  7. Quantitative Chemical Analysis(VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, English)
  8. Dean Forum Lecture 2015, Separation technology, Analytical application of microfluidic device (UTokyo, English)
  9. Quantum Measurement I(UTokyo)
  10. Quantum Measurement II(UTokyo)
  11. Analytical Chemistry Practice(UTokyo)
  12. Nano-bio fusion(Waseda Univ, English)2013-present on going
  13. Analytical Chemistry II(Japan Women’s Univ)2016-2021
  14. Applied Spectroscopy I(UTokyo)on going
  15. Applied Spectroscopy II(UTokyo)on going
  16. Basic Chemistry(UTokyo)
  17. Applied Measurement(Nagoya Univ)
  18. Basic science for Advanced Chemistry(UTokyo)