Our research is focusing on highly functional and ultra-high performance chemical and biodevices and systems.  These devices are useful for both basic sciences and industry because controlled experiments in the micro/nanoscale are normally difficult.  We provide original fundamental technologies, devices, and systems to society utilizing micro- and nano-fluidic science and engineering. Also, international collaboration will be promoted for education, research, and industrial activities.



Our SATREPS project was accepted

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Invited Lecture 2022

Kazuma Mawatari Macro to micro/nanofluidics for the progress of bioanalysis and medical diagnosis Seminar in S…

Invited Lecture 2022

Kazuma Mawatari Solution chemistry in 10-100 nm space by nanofluidic engineering 液体・非晶質研究会, 11th March 2022.

Invited Lecture 2022

Kazuma Mawatari “Nano-bubble valve” 10th MAR, PITTCON 2022,  on line


Yoshiyuki Tsuyama and Kazuma Mawatari Detection and classification of individual nanoparticles in flow by nano…

Organizing a symposium between Japan and Vietnam held on 16th Dec 2021 and presentation on strategic partnership project with VNU

The First JAIMA/VINALAB Symposium -Food safety and environmental quality control in Vietnam, challenges and so…

A website of strategic partnership project of Vietnam National University of Hanoi was opened

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Invited Lecture 2021 (keynote)

The 23rd Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology, and China-Japan-Korea Scientific …